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The Law office Gorjup was established in 1991 by Ivan Gorjup. In 2013, Law office Gorjup was taken over by his daughter Attorney-at-Law Vesna Gorjup Zupančič. Today, our team is composed out of five other Attorneys-at-Law, Franci Košar, Jure Ivančič, Tarek Naji, Mojca Vertačnik, Jure Blažič, Mihael Kocbek and Andrej Knehtl. However, Law office Gorjup also employs Attorney trainees Mihaela Miklavčič, Tim Pahor and Nikita Zatler.

Our mission is to establish genuine interest for our client’s needs and to represent their interests, understand their goals and meet or even exceed their expectations. We pursue compliance with the Laws of the Republic of Slovenia and the EU Law and seek justice within this context.

Our vision is to develop into an internationally established law office and to honor our profession by cultivating technical knowledge. In order to expand our area of work, we connect with our colleagues from all over the world.
Ulica škofa Maksimilijana Držečnika 11
2000 Maribor, Slovenija
+386 223 44 780
+386 223 44 795
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